Yoga therapy focuses on a particular injury or concern of the client, and you still get all the benefits of yoga. Learning how to keep the neck and shoulders relaxed is an integral part of the therapy. Engaging the muscles with proper body alignment and moving with the breath, releases tension and stress. We strengthen our muscles as we lengthen them. The mind and body are very interconnected so feeling that you can help yourself is part of the healing process.

With yoga therapy we look at how different areas of the body affect each other. For example we may work on lengthening the hamstrings and quads to help alleviate tightness and pain in the low back.

Our bodies are incredible. Your body will always do its best to heal itself. But when you have poor habits, which can be physical, mental and/or emotional, your body has to compensate for these habits. For example when you feel tightness, the body is often protecting itself from misalignment. When we bring the body into proper alignment it can relax. The oxygen flows more freely throughout our bodies and our blood circulates into areas that might have been restricted with poor posture.

Yoga therapy is not a quick fix, although you should feel improvement after your first session. I will give you yoga postures to practice on your own. You are an active part of your own healing. Some injuries may heal very quickly and some may heal more slowly over time. But during that time you will become stronger and have more ability to relax. Chronic neck and shoulder tension will resolve.

A big part of yoga is awareness. Yoga can teach us how to become more aware of our habits: how we stand, sit, walk, breath. Learning how to change these habits in our daily lives is an important part of healing.

Please contact Gayle with any questions or to schedule a session.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.