Practicing yoga helps align the body while reminding us of our innate goodness. There are specific alignment principles for the body such as setting a strong foundation, drawing the shoulders on the back to create an openness in the chest and aligning the joints with each other. When the body is in proper alignment it can heal itself.

Yoga is different from stretching on many levels. It teaches you to engage your muscles which protects your joints and the attachments of the ligaments as you lengthen the muscles. Using the breath helps to let go of tension allowing your body to soften and expand to deepen the stretch.

Yoga helps to increase flexibility in the spine which is the key to reversing the aging process.

Yoga harmonizes the mind and body.

Benefits of yoga include:
  • Increased balance, strength and flexibility
  • Reduced stress and increased confidence
  • Improved mental alertness and focus
  • Increased range of motion in shoulders and hips
  • Improved spinal alignment and reduced or alleviated back pain
  • Increased energy and improved attitude
  • Body detoxification, immune system stimulation and toning of the organs
  • Improved overall posture
  • Lower fat and stronger muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Greater appreciation for the "little" things in life
  • More patience with yourself and others
  • Improved concentration, creativity and problem-solving skills
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.   Dalai Lama